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Graduate Early | Debt Free | Dual Enrollment

Tools & Information for Dual Enrollment Success

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Save Thousands and Graduate Early

Learn how you can use Dual Enrollment to take college classes for free while attending high school.

Who We Are

Dual Enrollment Company

We are dedicated to helping students graduate early & debt-free with Dual Enrollment.

We offer products, services, and tools to assist students & educators with the resources to thrive, including The Dual Enrollment Planner, Dual Enrollment GPA Calculator, and more!

Dual Enrollment Explained

What is Dual Enrollment?

Dual Enrollment is an international initiative that allows students to take college classes for free or at a reduced price while they are enrolled in middle or high school.

What is Dual Credit?

People often use dual credit and Dual Enrollment interchangeably, but they are two different things. Dual Enrollment is an early enrollment program while dual credit is when students earn college credit and high school credit for taking a college class within the Dual Enrollment program. 

Get Started


Find Dual Enrollment Near You

Search your country, state, and ideal school in the Dual Enrollment Near Me search engine


Get Prepared

Browse specialized Dual Enrollment supplies to support your journey


Speak to an Expert

Book a consultation with a Dual Enrollment consultant to walk you through step by step


Utilize Digital Tools

Regularly check your GPA with the Dual Enrollment GPA Calculator

Dual Enrollment Success Stories


Izzy, Student

I will definitely contact this company again because dual enrollment can be very difficult and the smallest mistakes can slip you up but this company has already helped me figure out how to pass a class I'm currently failing! I truly appreciate it.

Caroline, Student

This company was so helpful and they were very thorough with their answers to my questions. They gave me a ton of information about dual enrollment that I did not know and made it quite easy. I was very grateful for their help.

Lakeisha Hughes, Parent

If you are confused about your child/children getting into dual enrollment trust me after you speak with her you will be well informed of what decision(s) would be best for your child/children.

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