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How to Graduate High School + College Early eBook

This eBook showcases the exact 10-step process you need to graduate college early while you are in high school with Dual Enrollment courses.

Here's how you can receive a college degree debt-free before 18.

How to Graduate High School and College
Amara Leggett - CEO of the Dual Enrollme

Who's behind this?

My name is Amara. I've been consulting students, educators, and colleges on how to maximize the use of Dual Enrollment for over 5 years.  

I graduated high school + college at 16 years old because of Dual Enrollment. Now, I am graduating with my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at 19. My story + how I've helped others do the same is precisely why I launched the Dual Enrollment Company.

I am here to tell you this eBook helped me receive my Associate of Science degree for free. 

How is this possible?

If you have been searching for how to earn college credit in high school at an affordable price, Dual Enrollment is the answer. 

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How to Graduate High School and College
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