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Frequently Asked Questions: Dual Enrollment Programs

Does Every US State Offer a Dual Enrollment Program to Students?

Yes, Dual Enrollment is recognized in every state, district, and territory of the United States. Even if your school or nearby colleges do not promote the Dual Enrollment program, you can still take college classes in high school.

Can I Take Dual Enrollment Classes if I Live Outside of the United States?

Absolutely! Dual Enrollment is not exclusive to the United States,  it is recognized around the world. You may find that the name is different, but students still have the ability to dual enroll. For example, students can take Dual Enrollment classes in The Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Guam, India, Morocco, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, etc. You can search your country or contact us to find Dual Enrollment near you.

How Do I Apply to a Dual Enrollment Program?

Watch this in-depth video for the exact steps you should follow with your high school and Dual Enrollment college.


Are you looking to earn a college degree & high school diploma simultaneously?

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Blue Ridge Community College

North Carolina, United States

"Eligible high school students have an opportunity to simultaneously earn high school and college credits tuition-free through the Blue Ridge Community College Career and College Promise Program."

San Joaquin Delta College

California, United States

"Delta College's Dual Enrollment Program is for students enrolled in 9th - 12th grade and lets you get started on your college education, while still in high school."

Howard Community College

Maryland, United States

"HCC’s dual enrollment programs provide students with several paths towards earning college credit while in high school - from just a few credits to an associate degree."

George Mason University

Virginia, United States

"Exceptionally talented high school juniors and seniors may be considered for dual enrollment in lower-level (100-299) undergraduate courses."

San Diego City College, United States

California, United States

"Here at City College, you have access to hundreds of fun and challenging college classes ranging from Chicano/a and Black Studies, art, dance, science, and more that are absolutely FREE!"

Gratz College

Pennsylvania, United States

"Gratz Academy, the high school program of Gratz College, engages teens in meaningful learning and community building experiences through live, online Jewish Studies and language courses."

Bishop State Community College

Alabama, United States

"Classes are conducted on the various campuses of Bishop State or the high schools."

Virginia Highlands Community College

Virginia, United States

"At VHCC, our purpose is to promote partnerships with schools, districts, and families to share curricula and high-impact practices, introduce students to college culture, and to help prepare high school students for post-secondary opportunities at VHCC."

Alamance Community College

North Carolina, United States

"CCP Dual Credit Allowances 2021 courses are based upon the Universal General Education Transfer Component of the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement and will transfer for equivalency credit."

Texas Southmost College

Texas, United States

"College credit earned upon successful completion of Dual Enrollment courses may be applied towards an Associate Degree at TSC or may transfer to other colleges and universities."

Southwest Tennessee Community College

Tennessee, United States

"The Southwest Dual Enrollment Program allows high school students—usually sophomores, juniors, and seniors—to enroll in college courses for credit before graduating from high school."

SUM Bible College & Theological Seminary

California, United States

"High School students for the SUM Bridge program can enroll at SUM and take college courses with other SUM students, receiving college credit that would be either transferable to another college, or would allow students to continue after high school to finish their degree at SUM. "