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Are you looking to calculate the weighted final grade for your classes? Use the Excel Sheet Grade Calculator for your entire class schedule! 


This weighted Grade Calculator is perfect to keep on your laptop or phone every semester of high school and college journey!


No longer do you have to wait for your permanent transcript to tell you what your final class grades are! Use the Grade Calculator Excel Sheet to find out your weighted grade with every new assignment grade you receive. Don't wait until it's too late to fix your class grade. 


This is an easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet Grade Calculator template that allows you to calculate your weighted final grade from your regular, Honors, Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment, and International Baccalaureate classes.



1. Add up to 10 assignment names

2. Enter the weighted percentage of that assignment

3. Enter your class grade percentage

4. You will see the weighted grade percentage and letter grade for every class

Final Grade Calculator Excel Sheet


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