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Dual Enrollment: Pros and Cons

Dual enrollment is not just a single use program for students to earn college credit while they are still enrolled in high school. In the United States, Dual Enrollment is a national program that varies in every state. Around the world, Dual Enrollment is different in each country, and region within each country, like Canada. To determine if the program is a perfect fit for a student, the student needs to evaluate how they can be successful with the information provided.

The information that a student should be provided before they make a decision is:

  1. What Dual Enrollment is

  2. Eligibility requirements of Dual Enrollment in their country and state

  3. The advantages and disadvantages of Dual Enrollment

  4. How students can be successful in Dual Enrollment

  5. Comparison between Dual Enrollment and Advanced Placement (A.P.)

  6. Students' successful and unsuccessful experiences with Dual Enrollment

With these 5 factors, a student can properly agree to take the leap of faith. Enrolling in an Dual Enrollment course is a leap of faith because a student has to believe in themselves enough to attend college early and strive to be successful.