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Services for Schools


A successful Dual Enrollment program is the first step to fostering successful Dual Enrollment students.

In addition to meeting the needs of Dual Enrollment students, we are also dedicated to providing colleges and universities with the tools to develop a successful program. The Dual Credit Transfer tool is the perfect digital resource for students & educators to implement.

Resources We Offer


Our most popular product is The Dual Enrollment Planner. Not only can advisors and educators offer this as a great resource for Dual Enrollment students but it can also be offered in a college bookstore. 

We also provide apparel and school supplies. 

Dual Enrollment Workshops

We have been hosting Dual Enrollment workshops for several years. It has become the best way for students to understand how they can take full advantage of the program from our workshop facilitator, who graduated college at 16 years old.

Customized Educational Material

We provide custom educational content for educators to engage with their Dual Enrollment students throughout their college career. From articles to videos to workshops, we can help your students maximize your on-campus services to receive dual credit.

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