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Our Affiliate Program

Promote Products You Enjoy

The Dual Enrollment Company strives to provide quality products, tools, and content that people genuinely want to share with their audience. 

You never have to worry that our offerings won't meet your expectations.


Help Spread the Message

During a time when students are going into debt to earn a degree, Dual Enrollment is a solution to student loan debt. 

Help us spread the message about this international program that helps students early a college degree early and debt-free. 

You Get Paid for Your Effort

The best part about joining the Dual Enrollment Company Affiliate Program is making that money! 

When someone you refer uses your exclusive coupon code, you get a commission. Just like that.


Some of Our Amazing Partners

Megumi King, @thegradebgenius on Instagram is a 16 year old Dual Enrollment student and future doctor. We are happy to have her a Dual Enrollment Company Affiliate Partner

Megumi King,

Dual Enrollment Student

& Blogger

Erna Sainsurin - Dual Enrollment Company Affiliate Partner

Erna Sainsurin,

Dual Enrollment Student

& Entrepreneur

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