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The Dual Enrollment Planner Reveal!

The Dual Enrollment Planner is finally here!

An academic planner that meets the needs of Dual Enrollment students was a long time in the making. Our CEO, Amara Leggett, had the initial idea of a planner after she graduated high school and college 16. She spent her years as a Dual Enrollment student with a makeshift planner and academic guide to keep her on track to graduate early.

We are elated to share the release of a Dual Enrollment agenda to help you be successful. In addition to revealing the features of The Dual Enrollment Planner, we will also share how this product started out as an idea.

Why You Need the Dual Enrollment Planner

As a Dual Enrollment student, you often have to juggle the schedule, assignments, and timeline of your high school and college. Your college class may still be in session while you are out of school for spring break. Finals week for both schools can be a month apart. There are so many reasons why time management for Dual Enrollment students is more important than just attending one institution.

There does not exist a planner for students in this program, especially if you are trying to earn dual credit. Graduating high school and/or college early requires you to track every class, credit, and grade to meet your goals. Amara was clever enough to achieve her goal of graduating at 16 without an agenda similar to The Dual Enrollment Planner, but she admits it was very hard. She doesn’t want another student to experience what she did, but to instead focus on earning college credit in high school to be debt free and graduate early.

Evolution of The Dual Enrollment Planner

Our intention for The Dual Enrollment Planner was to blend the design of a traditional academic planner for any student to feel comfortable using while designing every page to help students navigate Dual Enrollment in some way. We are proud to say we have achieved exactly that.

Once we passed the stage of cultivating our idea, we moved on to our initial sketch. During the stage we knew the planner should be undated so students could fill in the dates for when school is in session. We also wanted students to feel empowered as they flip through the planner with education quotes, Dual Enrollment tips, and places to set goals. Here are pictures of our sketch.

Then, we created a digital rough draft in One Note to outline all the pages we would need in The Dual Enrollment Planner. We also introduced the idea of a grading scale conversion chart for students to calculate their high school GPA from their college class grade. This later led us to develop the Dual Enrollment G.P.A. Calculator digital tool on our website. Beyond a section for GPA tracking we wanted to include a Semester Checklist. Here are pictures of our digital rough draft.

Next, we designed a digital version on a graphic design platform. This stage took the longest amount of time because we also had to create the content. Letter from the CEO, quotes, and tips were just a few of the topics we had to cover. Multiple versions followed the first version, but we established our design.

We received a proof of The Dual Enrollment Planner, which needed slight changes. Printing a planner versus making the planner digitally are two different things. This level was a transformational process for us and we came out of it with The Dual Enrollment Planner you can hold in your hands today! Here is an image of the proof.

Features of The Dual Enrollment Planner

Included are fillable pages to track your educational goals, helpful tips to navigate Dual Enrollment successfully, and a layout to help students manage their Dual Enrollment schedule to ensure dual credit.

In addition to the key elements that make up an academic college planner, such as pages to manage important dates, weekly calendar, monthly calendar, and semester planning, sprinkled throughout is everything a student needs to earn a college degree with Dual Enrollment.

What's Inside

  • An Introduction to Dual Enrollment

  • Unlabeled page for Important Dates / Holidays

  • Grading Scale Conversion Chart for Dual Enrollment Classes

  • GPA Tracker for 3 semesters

  • Semester checklist for each semester

  • Goal planning for each semester

  • Table to manage Dual Enrollment classes and Dual Credit Equivalency for each semester

  • Table to organize class information for each semester

  • Page to design Ideal Week for each semester

  • 12 Monthly Calendars with an Inspiring Education Quote & Dual Enrollment Tip

  • 52 Weekly Calendars

  • Blank Page to Develop a Vision Board


  • 6 in x 9in dimensions

  • Black Coil Bind

  • 60lb paper

If you would like to see a flip through and example of how you can use the planner as a student, watch The Dual Enrollment Planner Reveal.

How to Order The Dual Enrollment Planner

We are beyond excited to offer The Dual Enrollment Planner to everyone on our website. In the shop we also provide apparel, The Strategic Mind of A Young Legend authored by Amara, and office supplies to compliment your planner. For supporting us and waiting for the launch, use the coupon code LAUNCH20 for 20% off your entire purchase.

If you would like to offer The Dual Enrollment Planner in your college bookstore, high school store, etc. please contact us here. If you have an audience that you would love to share the planner with, join our affiliate program.

We hope you enjoy using The Dual Enrollment Planner as much as we enjoyed creating it!


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