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What is Dual Enrollment?

Have you ever wondered how some of those students in the news, that have graduated early, actually did it? You probably think “they must be a genius”, “they probably skipped grades”, or even “they must know people.”

Well, it may not be as complicated as you think. Take a look!

Dual enrollment is a national program that allows a student to be enrolled in two institutions simultaneously. Two common scenarios are to be enrolled in middle school and college or high school and college. In addition to taking advanced classes, the credit earned in college may count as credit towards the second institution as long as the curriculum aligns.

Most students, parents, and educators ask the same six questions below.

Why should I consider dual enrollment?

A student should consider dual enrollment if they find that they are doing well in their primary institution or homeschooling and possibly seeking a boost or challenge.

The program is encouraged if...

1. A student has the opportunity to dedicate some time towards college level work. This can be identified by reviewing their schedule to see what classes can be replaced, reviewing the college equivalent class description to see if the work is feasible and working with the school counselors to match the two.

2. A student has an interest or desire to graduate early as a personal goals.

3. A student is seeking an alternative to proceeding with college and utilizing financial assistance.

4. A student is interested in standing out to colleges and future careers.